To recognize and congratulate those who commit to and complete a physical transormation, the new Musclemania® & Fitness America™ Transformation is bring introduce this season. It is a platform for those that have gone through a major physical transformation and want to showcase their personal success at a competitive level. This is NOT bodybuilding, beauty pageant or other competition.

Some examples of transformations include, but are not limited to, people who have lost over 100 pounds, a person who has dropped from a 40 waist to a 30 waist, a lady who has gone from over 200 lbs to the low 100's, etc. All forms of physical transformations are welcome in the division.


All competitors of Musclemania® & Fitness America™ Transformation must be first time competitors or have only competed in the Musclemania® & Fitness Universe™ Transformation but have not placed in first. Once someone has won in Musclemania® & Fitness America™ Transformation Regional Show, they can NOT compete at the same level again. However, they are allowed to compete in an International Show in the same calendar year.

Musclemania® & Fitness America™ staff will create a presentation for the judges and audience at the event using the photos submitted. The registration form and photos must be emailed or postal mailed and received at least 7 days before the event. Late entries will not be accepted.


The Division will be two parts, "The Story of the Transformation" and the "Physical Transformation".

Story Guidelines:

The competitor must submit their story of their transformation covering the following questions:

  1. Description of your physical self prior to taking on the transformation process.
  1. What were your struggles in life prior to the transformation? (Examples - physical ailments, lack of confidence, medical issues, etc)?
  1. What was the moment or event that made you decide to start the transformation process?
  1. Describe your journey of transformation (List all the high moments and low moments).
  1. What is something you are going to do now that you have made your transformation? (Examples - Run a marathon, do a physique competition, become a model, etc.)?
  1. What are the lessons you learned that you would like to share with others?

Physical Transformation Guidelines

The participant must submit before and after photos for presentation at the show event. The photos must include a local newspaper front page to verify the date the photo was taken.

Any type of "before" photos are acceptable as long as they do not show nudity or other types of obscene content.
Any type of "after" photos are acceptable that show the physical transformation that occurred.

Presentation and Competition

Each competitor will be introduced to the judges and audition with their transformation photo presentation projected on the theater screen. Once the presentation is complete, the competitor will take the stage to be acknowledged.

Competitors are expected to be dressed professionally. Woman should wear a skirt, dress or gown. Men should wear sport coat & slacks, suit or tuxedo.

Judging Criteria

Competitors will be judged based on the following two criteria:

50% of Score - Story of Transformation
50% of Score - Physical Transformation

Based upon the totals of the judges scores, the one Fitness America™ Transformation Champion and Musclemania® Transformation Champion will be awarded. The other competitors will all be presented with Certificates of Recognition.


Musclemania® & Fitness America™ Transformation contestants are judged by fitness trainers, coaches and recognized natural athletes, fitness photographers and other professionals who support natural, drug-free athletics.