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Model America™ is for attractive women and men from around the world. Contestants must have stunning looks, an athletic body and know how to present themselves in a sexy and marketable manner for the judging panel and live & television audience. Contestants must be in good mental & physical health and do not need any stage, runway, photo, video, commercial or any other modeling experience. There are no prescribed height and/or weight limitations.

There are two divisions depending upon gender and model preference as follows:

  • Fitness Model Women
  • Fitness Model Men

All contestants will be required to perform a runway style presentation in all 3 of the following Competition Rounds.

  • Sportswear – Active sports apparel appropriate for athletics; Sports Theme selection welcome.
  • Swimsuit – Women in two piece style and heels; Men in one color suit (no patterns or logos) and bare feet.
  • Clubwear – Night and social lifestyle.

The judging criteria will be scored upon the following considerations:

  • Physical Appearance – 25%
  • Photogenics – 25%
  • Poise & Presence – 25%
  • Apparel Integration 25%


Ladies posing in an overly sexual or manner including bending over in a reverse position, spreading apart legs or other provocative body positions and/or movements will result in a deduction of points at the discretion of the Demerit Judge.  Upon a first offense, a warning will be issued.  Upon the second offense, a 25% point deduction will be applied.  Upon the third offense, the competitor will be immediately disqualified from the competition.