Drug Testing - Fitness America Weekend™

Because Musclemania®, Ms. Bikini, Model, Figure & Fitness America™ are natural events for true natural competitors, beginning this season ALL COMPETITORS in ALL DIVISIONS will be subjected to urinalysis testing including men and women.

International Competitor Registration & Drug Testing

US & Canadian Competitor Registration & Drug Testing

Wed, Nov 17

Fri, Nov 19,

  8 AM   

8 AM


At that time, they will be subjected to urinalysis collection which will be sent to the US laboratory.  Urinalysis testing will be added to competitors registration fee and both of which will be non-refundable if a test result is reported to be positive.

Laboratory testing will be conducted in accordance with World Anti-Doping Agency WADA standards, practices and procedures.

WADA Prohibited Substances, Peptide, Hormones, Growth Factors and Mimetics