Ms. Bikini Universe Pro and Ms. Bikini America 2017 Champion Lauren Denise Delucca has been competing in natural bodybuilding for over 15 years. She joined the Fitness Universe family in 2013 and has served as a judge, promoter, and emcee for the Colorado events ever since, all the while still actively competing in both the Bikini and Model Universe Championships. Outside of her fitness career, Lauren works as an Aesthetic Nurse in the Medical Spa industry. The preparation process leading up to a show is always a fun and inspirational experience for Lauren. She has enjoyed a lifetime as an active athlete eating healthful whole foods, even as a child growing up in rural Iowa. Her background in pageantry, modeling and dance have led her to the world of bodybuilding long ago, when she saw the Fitness America Pageant on television, and she saw it as a perfect way to combine her love of theatrical performance, fashion and artful presentation with the scientific approach of strength training and clean nutrition.