Who’s Competing – 2014 Fitness America Weekend Shows

“Who’s Competing” at the 2014 Fitness America Weekend features competitors who have attached photos with their entry form or have otherwise confirmed their intention to compete. Last year, nearly 500 sports models, natural bodybuilders, fitness, bikini and figure women competed at the Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas making it the largest natural fitness show ever!

If you’re planning to compete at the Fitness America Weekend, please submit your photo to: myphoto@musclemania.com. For proper identification, please include your (1) name, (2) state or country of residence, (3) competition division and (4) competition date/location.

Last Updated – 09/26/2014

Next Update – 10/03/2014

Michelle <Br>  Massachusetts  <Br>  Bikini Sherece <Br> North Carolina <Br> Bikini And Figure

Rebecca <Br> California <Br> Bikini, Model & Fitness Sabrina <Br> New Mexico  <Br>  Figure Tina <Br>  California  <Br>  Figure Carrie <Br> Colorado <Br> Figure Lisa <Br> Massachusetts  <Br>  Bikini

Marie <Br> Pennsylvania <Br> Figure Panagiota <Br> New York <Br> Bikini Paris <Br> Texas <Br> Muscle Pawel <Br>  California  <Br>  Model& Physique Peter <Br> New Zealand  <Br>  Muscle

Brittany <Br> Florida <Br> Bikini Daniel <Br>  Illinois  <Br>  Muscle Heath <Br> New Mexico <Br> Model And Physique Irene <Br> Honduras  <Br>  Bikini Jacqueline <Br>  Colorado  <Br>  Figure & Bikini

Misty <Br> North Carolina <Br> Bikini Ranee <Br> Massachusetts <Br> Figure Sharon <Br> Massachusetts <Br> Bikin Stefano <Br> Italy  <Br>  Mody & Physique Vickie <Br> Nevada <Br> Figure And Model

Anthony <Br>  Kenya  <Br>  Physique Henry <Br> New Zealand <Br> Muscle Jamie <Br> Texas <Br> Bikini Kristen <Br>New Jersey  <Br>  Bikini Micelle <Br> Arizona  <Br>  Bikini

Rebecca <Br> Ohio <Br> Bikini Sara <Br> Massachusetts <Br> Bikini Sarah <br> Minnesota <br> Bikini Wendy <br> Minnesota <br> Bikini Amy <Br>  Pennsylvania  <Br>  Bikini & Model

Madelynn <Br> North Carolina <Br> Bikini Marisa <Br> North Carolina <Br> Bikini Melanie <Br> Michigan <Br> Bikini Nancy <Br> California <Br> Bikini Nathalie <Br> Utah <Br> Bikini And Model

Jacquii <Br> Australia <Br> Bikini Joyce <Br> Arizona <Br> Bikini And Figure Kelechi <Br> New Mexico <Br> Model And Physique Laura <br> Florida <br> Figure Leilani <Br> California <Br> Fitness

Meredith <Br> Minnesota <Br> Fitness Alejandra <Br> Oregon <Br> Bikini Andrea <Br> Texas <Br> Bikini Christine <Br> New Jersey <Br> Fitness Dianne <Br> Arizona <Br> Bikin And Fitness

Adriene <Br> Illinios <Br> Bikini <Br>  Natalie <Br> Tennessee <Br> Bikini And Model Tracey <Br> Minnesota <Br> Bikini Denise <Br> Utah <Br> Bikini Linda <Br> Ohio <Br> Fitness And Bikini

Angela <Br> Rhode Island <Br> Fitness Ashleigh <Br> Texas <Br> Fitness And Figure Cindi <Br> New Hampshire <Br> Bikini Mike <Br> California <Br> Muscle Trisha <Br>  California  <Br>  Figure

Katherine <Br> Massachusetts <Br> Figure Laura <Br> Arizona <Br> Figure Melanie <Br> Alaska <Br> Muscle Patricia <Br> Costa Rica  <Br>  Bikini Melanie <Br> Alaska  <Br>  Muscle

Karye <Br> Texas <Br> Bikini Matthew <Br> Massachusutt <Br> Muscle Nicole <Br> Arizona <Br> Bikini Sarah <Br> Pennsylvania  <Br>  Bikini & Figure Annisa <Br> Queensland <Br> Bikini

Melanie <Br> Alaska  <Br>  Muscle Nicole <Br>  Tara <Br> Vermont <Br> Muscle Darrell <Br> Texas  <Br>  Physique Jana <Br> Switzerland  <Br>  Bikini

Burley <Br>  South Africa  <Br>  Muscle Isabelle <Br>  Massachusetts  <Br>  Bikini Jana <Br> Switzerland <Br> Figure Marcie <Br>  Martha Nair <Br>  Massachusetts  <Br>  Bikini