International athletes must comply with any qualification requirements set out in their home country’s Musclemania qualifying conditions.

  • No qualification is required to compete at the Musclemania® Fitness AUSTRALIA Event . This event is open to all natural athletes. Whether you have past or present bodybuilding federation affiliations, are an independent athlete or a first timer, we invite you to compete against the best natural Bodybuilders, Physique, Figure, Bikini and Models from throughout Australia.
  • From 2013 all Australian Athletes must qualify to compete in Musclemania® World & Musclemania Universe Events  by competing and placing Top 3 at the annual Musclemania® AUSTRALIA event. An exception applies to Australian Athletes that have won a Musclemania® Fitness America World or Musclemania Fitness Universe Titles and have not since competed in an other organisation since winning this title.
  • Top 3 in all divisions of Musclemania® AUSTRALIA will qualify for Musclemania® World and Musclemania® Universe Event.
  • After qualifying at the Musclemania® AUSTRALIA Event, qualified athletes will have 12 months from their qualifying event to compete on the International (World and Universe stage), after which time the athlete will require to re-qualify at the next AUSTRALIA Event.
  • Musclemania® AUSTRALIA Overall Winners in Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure and Bikini will all earn their Professional Status and can complete as a Professional at International Musclemania® Events.
  • Professionals in other natural bodybuilding federations may qualify only by competing in Musclemania®AUSTRALIA.
  • Musclemania®, Figure and Bikini Professionals who subsequently compete in other federations will lose their MM Professional status and need to requalify at a Musclemania® AUSTRALIA competition to regain their status.