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The Ms. Bikini America competition is quite simply a beauty contest, but with special emphasis on body shape, condition and overall attractiveness. It includes three competitive rounds. There are no qualifications to compete and the event is open to women worldwide. There are three Open Divisions which will be determined at each event after registration so as to provide for a balanced number of participants in each height class.

  • Open Division (3 Height Classes)
    - Short
    - Medium
    - Tall
  • Classic Division (35+ Years of Age)
    - Short
    - Tall
  • Masters Division (45+ Years of Age)

The Classic Division is exclusively for mature competitors who are at least 35 years of age. And, the new Masters Division welcomes ladies who are at least 45 years of age. All of the competitive Rounds are the same as the Open Divisions but with one height class. As the Classic Division grows in popularity, consideration will be given to adding height classes. In most events, the Classic & Masters Divisions will be held concurrently with the Open Division. Competitors may participate in the Open, Classic or Masters Divisions but not more than one.

Contestants must be at least 18 years of age. No minors are permitted regardless of parental consent.



Themed Sportswear Round – 50% of Score

  • Poise & Presence – 33%
  • Sports Wear Selection – 33%
  • Appearance – 33%

You have a chance to show your modeling talents and your creativity. Just like in the swimsuit round you will be asked to walk from one side of the stage to the other performing quarter turns at a specific point outlined on stage. The themed apparel you select should best represent your character, personality, athletic interests and/or any other appearance you’re comfortable wearing. Just make sure it compliments your body. Work your magic – before you go on stage relax, enjoy your presentation and remember to smile.

Contestants must provide a brief description of their outfit in the Themed Sportswear Round. This is an opportunity for contestants to get creative with their costume and also mention the clothing sponsor, if any. No offensive costumes will be allowed (see through tops, etc.)

Swimsuit Round – 50%

  • Body Condition – 33%
  • Facial Beauty – 33%
  • Appearance – 33%

Judges will analyze body shape, tone, symmetry, complexion, poise presentation and overall condition. Also, they will be looking for fit, toned feminine body that display proper conditioning. Contestants will be judged individually and in group comparisons. Facial beauty will be judged during this round as well.

Posing in an overly sexual or manner including bending over in a reverse position, moves indicative of a stripper or other provocative body positions and/or movements will result in a deduction of points at the discretion of the head judge, as follows:

  • First offense – Immediate warning on stage
  • Second offense – 25% deduction of total score in related round
  • Third offense – Immediate disqualification from competition

In the Bikini Round, contestants must wear a two-piece, bikini swimsuit and high heel shoes. If a contestant is competing in both the Fitness America and Ms. Bikini America™, she does not need to wear a different swimsuit in each event. G-String or thong type swimsuits are not allowed. Contestants whom have a muscular appearance and/or walk and generally carry themselves in a masculine manner will be negatively scored by the judges.

Judges & Officials

Please note that the Ms. Bikini America is judged by commercial photographers, fashion designers, cosmetologists, fitness magazine editors, beauty pageant experts and other mainstream orientated professionals. No bodybuilders, coaches or personal trainers will be empaneled.


  • Swimsuits can be made of any fabric or material and decorated as desired. However, rhinestones and other ornamental jewelry trimmings are not required and judges will be instructed not to place any value to competitor swimsuits which adorn them.
  • The top of the swimsuit can be either an under-wire or triangle style with at least 3/4 of the breast area covered. The neck strap can be tied or attached with a hook. The bottom strap (the one under the breast) can either be tied or hooked across the center of the back, OR can be crossed at the lower back and attached on the bottom of the suit. If the straps are crossed and attached, they must not pull up the suit bottoms past the point of being acceptable (see below for acceptable buttocks coverage). No suit should have any strapping on the side of the body, except for where it comes across to attach in the back.
  • The back of the suit bottom must have at least 50% coverage of the buttocks. No g-strings or thongs will be permitted.
  • The front center of the suit should sit at the mid-abdominal region, which is approximately 3-4 inches below the naval. This front piece of material should provide complete coverage of the pubic region.
  • The sides of the suit should have a waist band of at least one finger width of material and should sit at or slightly above the hip bone.
  • All competition suits must be presented at event registration staff where it will be checked by a designated FA representative.



Competitors can participate in more than one event if they choose including Ms. Bikini, Figure, Fitness, Model and/or Bodybuilding.  Each event will be scored by a completely different panel of judges, so competitors placing in respective events may vary according significantly.  A Ladies Event Comparison chart is provided for reference.